Claims and Billing 2020

Claims Submission:

Vivida encourages all providers including non-par providers to submit claims electronically. For those interested in electronic claim filing, contact your EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) software vendor or the Change Healthcare (formerly Emdeon) Provider Support Line at 844-243-5175 to arrange transmission.

Vivida’s Electronic Payer ID: 45488

For paper claims, please submit to Vivida at the following address:

Vivida Health
PO Box 211251
Eagan, MN 55121

The benefits of submitting EDI claims include:

  • Improved cost effectiveness
  • Improved claims tracking
  • Electronic acknowledgment of claim receipt
  • Faster payment of claims
  • Better turnaround time for timely reimbursement
  • Timely Filing – 180 calendar days from the date of service or date of discharge (inpatient), or as specified in provider contract.


Corrected Claims:

Corrected claims can be sent electronically. All corrected claims should have the corrected claim indicator (a 7) on the claim and the original claim number that you are correcting.

Claims originally denied for missing/invalid information for inappropriate coding should be submitted as corrected claims. In addition to writing “corrected” on the claim, the corrected information should be circled so that it can be identified.
Claims originally denied for additional information should be sent as a resubmitted claim. In addition to writing “resubmitted” on the claim, the additional/new information should be attached.

Corrected and resubmitted paper claims are scanned during reprocessing. Please use blue or black ink only, and refrain from using red ink, white out, and/or highlighting that could affect the legibility of the scanned claim.

Corrected/Resubmitted paper claims should be sent to:

Vivida Health
PO Box 211251
Eagan, MN 55121


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